Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

Online shop

The online shop on the kostparis.com Website was launched by its operator CLÉON SAS, hereinafter called the “Company”. Any order placed by the consumer on the KOSTPARIS.COM shop implies prior agreement to these terms and conditions.

Order confirmation

The consumer agrees in full that these terms and conditions do not require a written signature as the consumer orders products online. The consumer recognises having the full legal capacity required to agree to these terms and conditions.

Application of terms and conditions

The consumer may save or print these terms and conditions as long as they take sole responsibility for saving or printing this document as these terms and conditions may be amended by the Company. In this event, the applicable terms and conditions are those stated on the website when the consumer places the order.

Contractual information

The online shop launched by the Company as part of the Website provides the following information:

  • notice légale permettant une identification précise de la Société
  • présentation des caractéristiques essentielles des biens proposés
  • indication, en Euros (TTC) du prix des biens et le cas échéant, participation aux frais de port et d’emballage
  • indication des modalités de paiement et de livraison
  • l'existence d'un droit de rétractation
  • la durée de validité de l'offre

Proprietary notice providing precise Company details

Main features of available items

Product prices in Euros (inc. VAT) and where necessary, shipping and packaging fees

Payment and delivery methods

Right to withdraw

Product availability

All information on the kostparis.com Website is available in French and English.

E-signature confirmation

An e-signature is the "double click" in addition to the authentication, non-repudiation and protection procedure for any messages. E-signatures act as written signatures between the parties.

Proof of transaction

Registers processed electronically and saved in the Company’s computer systems in reasonable security conditions are considered as proof of communication, orders and payments between the parties.



Prices on the Website are in Euros and include VAT. These prices are applied upon placing the order for delivery to the countries listed in the delivery section and do not include additional shipping fees which are detailed on the final purchase order.

Prices are subject to French VAT and any change in the legal VAT rate shall apply to the prices of the products available on the KOSTPARIS.COM Website from the date that the new rate comes into force.

Product availability

Products on KOSTPARIS.COM are subject to availability. The Company reserves the right to amend the product range, delivery times and prices.

Product conformity

Available products are in line with current French legislation and standards. Images, text, graphics, product information and product features are for reference only. The Company shall not be held responsible in the event of errors or omissions in its photos, text, graphics, product information or features.

Order confirmation

Contractual information is provided in the form of email confirmation.

Failure to fulfil order

The Company shall not be held responsible for the failure to fulfil the order in the event of the product being out of stock or unavailable, force majeure, disruption, partial or full strike action (e.g. by postal/transport/communication services), floods or fires.

Should an exchange prove impossible, the Company reserves the right to cancel the consumer’s order and refund the debited amount.

Retailer obligations

The Company agrees to inform the consumer of any changes to their order regarding delivery times, prices and features to enable the consumer to amend their order based on this information.


The Company recommends the consumer saves information about the order on paper or a reliable computer system until the order has been fulfilled.

Anti-fraud checks: how do they affect the order?

To ensure transaction security and alleviate growing concern about online fraud, we conduct random checks on orders.

As part of a random check, we shall email you to request you send proof of address/identity (to prove your identity and address are real e.g. gas bill, phone bill and ID card) to complete the order.

We are obliged to cancel orders to ensure online transaction security should no proof be received or if the proof provided does not confirm the consumer’s identity/address. The order will then be refunded.

Orders are paid by card or by PayPal upon confirmation of the purchase order through a secure website. No card details are stored in the Company’s system.

The Company reserves the right to suspend order processing or delivery should the payment companies refuse to authorise payment.

The Company has established an order verification procedure to ensure that nobody uses another person’s bank details without their knowledge. However, the consumer is informed that the Company shall not be held responsible for any misappropriation or fraudulent use of any payment methods which have not been identified by the verification procedure.


Deliveries are only available in:

Mainland France + Corsica

Countries in the European Union, currently: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain (exc. Canaries, Ceuta y Melilla), Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Great Britain (exc. Channel Islands), Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.






The Company does not deliver to French overseas territories.


Products are delivered to:

Mainland France + Corsica, Monaco, Andorra, Belgium: by So Colissimo

Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, Great Britain, Switzerland: by Colissimo Access International

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden: by Colissimo Expert International, signature required

The Company would like to remind the consumer that they are responsible for providing any necessary information for the delivery of their order and must provide a phone number on which they can be reached.

The Company cannot be held responsible for potential typing errors and resulting consequences such as delays or delivery errors. In this event, the consumer is fully responsible for any fees required to reship the order.

Any open/damaged package, accepted or not upon delivery, must be detailed in "comments". They must be detailed on the delivery note by the consumer who must also inform the service provider and Company by email within two days of delivery.


Only damage and anomalies detailed in the comments provided by the consumer shall be considered in resolving claims with the shipping provider.

In the event of delivery issues, the Company would like to remind the consumer that they must keep all items received as they are (inc. packaging and wrapping) until the case has been fully resolved.

Failure to adhere to the aforementioned rules may result in the shipping provider refusing to process the claim.

We recommend you check your delivery address in the order summary. In the event of errors in the delivery address, the consumer is fully responsible for any fees required to reship the order.


Within two working days of the date of delivery, the consumer must inform the Company of any delivery error/non-compliant products in nature or quality in relation to the information stated on the purchase order. Any complaints sent after this period will not be addressed, the consumer shall have no recourse and shall no longer hold the Company responsible.

Delivery errors

In the event of receiving the wrong order, the consumer must keep the package/s as they are and inform the Company’s Customer Service department following their terms (see “Contact”).

Non-compliant products

In the event of non-compliant products, the consumer can inform the Company’s Customer Service department following their terms (see “Contact”).

The Company shall do its utmost to resolve the consumer’s issue as quickly as possible. In these exact events and when the error is due to its services, the Company shall pay for the return of the product/s using the shipping method of its choice.


The consumer is informed that certain documents related to the package/s may be required and the consumer should therefore retain any items received (including packaging) until the case is fully resolved.

General information

Should the consumer exercise their right to withdraw, the consumer can choose between a refund for the debited amount and an exchange equal to the debited amount or with payment of the difference.


All returns must be requested on the “Order History” section of your “Account”. The customer service department will then give you a returns number.

All products must be returned to the Company unused and ready to resell. No returns or exchanges are available for any product which is damaged, incomplete or whose original packaging is damaged or missing.

In any event, the consumer is responsible for returns at their own risk.

The returns authorisation number must be visible on the returns packaging and the returns form must be printed and included inside the packaging.

No cash on delivery shipments shall be accepted under any circumstances.

No non-compliance or fault claims for delivered products shall be accepted should they not meet the aforementioned procedures.

Intracommunity VAT

All European Union residents are invoiced French VAT upon confirmation of their order.


As online sales are for the general public, the consumer must pay the VAT-inclusive prices stated on the KOSTPARIS.COM website.

Special cases

In the event of the shipment of an order or product to a country other than mainland France, the Company would like to remind the consumer that they are the importer of the product/s in question. The Company is not liable for any customs, local taxes, import fees or state taxes that may apply. It is the consumer’s responsibility to contact the local authorities about the possibility and legislation regarding importing or using products or services that they intend to receive.

Force majeure

Neither party shall fail to fulfil their duties in the event that their fulfilment be delayed, hindered or stopped by an unforeseeable event or force majeure.

An unforeseeable event or force majeure is any event or unforeseen circumstance that is separate to the parties, unpredictable, unavoidable, outside the parties’ control and cannot be stopped by either party despite every reasonable effort.

For the purposes of clarification, aside from those usually defined by French courts and legal figures, the following are considered unforeseeable events or force majeure:

Transport methods or supplies blockades, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning

Suspension of telecommunication networks or problems with telecommunication networks outside clients’ control.


Hypertext links may send users to websites other than KOSTPARIS.COM. The Company shall not be held responsible should these websites’ content breach legal provisions or current regulations.

Intellectual property – Copyright

The “KOSTPARIS.COM” website, “KOST Paris” brand, Product models, photos of Our Products, lookbooks and any content on the Website in general are protected by intellectual property rights.

We or our partners have exclusive exploitation rights for the Website, “KOST PARIS” brand, Product models and the name “KOSTPARIS.COM”. Under no circumstances can Clients copy, portray, broadcast, alter or concede any part whatsoever of the Website (e.g. audio-visual, graphic or literary items) without Our or Our Partners’ prior written authorisation. Full or partial reproduction, imitation or portrayal of Our intellectual property rights, and particularly the full or partial reproduction of Product images on the Website and “KOST PARIS” brand or Product models, could be treated as fraud and subject to the French intellectual property law and/or treated as infringement for which the civil responsibility of the violators shall be subject to the aforementioned laws.

Data protection

The provision of personal information for the purpose of online sales is compulsory as this information is essential to order processing, shipping and invoicing. The order shall not be confirmed without this information.

We are committed to implementing suitable technical measures to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of information provided by Clients. We are committed to storing personal data for a duration not exceeding that required to fulfil the requirements for which the data was collected and processed.

Partial nullity

Should one or more provisions in these terms and conditions be deemed null or declared as such through the application of a law, regulation or following a ruling by a competent court, the other provisions shall retain their strength and scope.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions are subject to French law. In the event of disputes and failure for the parties to reach an amicable agreement, the case shall be taken to the competent courts. In the event of disputes or complaints, the consumer should initially contact the Company to reach an amicable solution.



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