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4 eco-responsible gift ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day is approaching! It's time to think about his gift... This year, why not change your habits by giving him a gift that respects the environment? Say goodbye to conventional gifts that will collect dust or end up in the trash after a few uses. In this article, discover 4 eco-friendly gift ideas that will make your dad smile and have a positive impact on the environment.

Ecofriendly Gift for Father's DayEcofriendly Gift for Father's Day

1. Eco-friendly clothing

Clothing is an easy gift, but if it is eco-friendly, it adds a touch of originality! Eco-friendly clothing is made from durable and environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo or tencel. To be sure to offer a truly eco-friendly gift, look for products with an ecological certification such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OEKO-TEX...

For your father, you are spoiled for choice: casual or elegant style? Today, the range of eco-responsible clothing is expanding more and more and adapts to all styles! Here are some ideas: organic cotton t-shirt, linen polo shirt, hemp shirt, bamboo pants, socks in organic cotton and made in France...

2. Eco-friendly shoes

Eco-friendly shoes are made from materials produced with a low impact on the environment, such as vegetable-tanned leather, natural rubber or cork.

Vegetable tanned leather is an eco-friendly alternative to leather tanning. Indeed, vegetable tanned leather shoes are made from animal leather treated with natural plant extracts (oak bark, mimosa, quebracho or sumac). The vegetable tanning process is slower and more expensive than chemical tanning, but it offers advantages in terms of environmental impact and leather quality (softer, more breathable and ages well over time). However, vegetable tanned leather shoes are more susceptible to water and stains, therefore they may require additional care to protect them and extend their life.

Recycled rubber is mostly used for making soles. It usually comes from recovered and recycled rubber such as used car tires, worn shoe soles... Rubber waste is collected, cleaned and processed to produce recycled rubber granules, which are then used to make shoe soles. Using recycled rubber in the production of shoe soles reduces the amount of rubber waste that ends up in landfills and incinerators, which helps reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond their environmental benefits, recycled rubber soles also provide good grip and durability for shoes.

Cork is also a naturally durable, waterproof and stain resistant material. Like recycled rubber, it is often used for shoe soles because it provides excellent cushioning and grip.

For Father's Day, why not opt ​​for a pair of eco-responsible shoes? KOST offers a wide range of eco-friendly boots and sneakers in vegetable tanned leather. Some of these sneakers are even made on a sole containing 20% ​​natural and recycled rubber!

3. Eco-friendly accessories

Eco-friendly accessories are a great way to complete your dad's look. Here are some ideas for eco-responsible accessories:

  • An eco-responsible watch: it's a practical and elegant gift that will suit all dads. Eco-responsible watches are made from durable and environmentally friendly materials, such as wood or recycled metal. Some watches are even powered by solar cells.
  • A jute bag: a practical and eco-responsible accessory that your dad can use to carry his sports gear or his groceries. Jute is a natural, renewable fiber that is also very durable.
  • A cork wallet: an elegant, eco-responsible and very practical gift. Cork is a natural material that is resistant to water and wear.
  • Wooden sunglasses: a stylish accessory your dad can wear all summer long. They are made from bamboo or cherry wood.
  • A vegetable-tanned leather belt: if your dad loves leather accessories, give him a vegetable tanned leather belts. It is a leather (animal skin) tanned from plants (and not with chromium) such as bark for example.

3.Eco-friendly cosmetic care

Eco-responsible cosmetic treatments are designed with natural and beneficial ingredients for the skin. Discover some care ideas to offer your dad: a beard oil, a solid and natural soap, a bamboo razor, a solid or powder toothpaste, a cream or solid deodorant, a moisturizer made from natural ingredients , a lip balm, organic hair and face products…

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Father's DayEco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Father's Day

In summary, if you're looking for eco-friendly gifts for Father's Day, there are plenty of options that are both practical and eco-friendly.
By offering an eco-responsible and meaningful gift, you are helping to protect the environment while making your father happy. Moreover, it can also encourage a reflection on consumption practices and the importance of taking care of our planet.