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To keep all its shine over time, a pair of shoes is delicately pampered. Our cleaning products made in France have been developed to keep the natural properties of leather as long as possible. The waterproofing spray remains the centerpiece of regular care because it limits the risk of stains or penetration of moisture. You can apply before the first use on your new pair, then every month or more if you wear your KOST shoes daily. To do things to the end, you will have to remember to regularly practice a careful cleaning of the upper part of your shoes with the anti-aging milk, then wax the leather with the transparent shoe polish. The natural bristle brush provided in the maintenance kit can complete this step by polishing the leather and removing excess cream. This thorough maintenance can be concluded by the new waterproofing of your souls now as new again. Please remember that our polish milks and creams are only applied to smooth leathers, called "full grain". It is therefore necessary to avoid any application on parts of velvet, textile, or nubuck. Only waterproofing can be used on all materials.

Thus, your leather boots, ankle boots and derbies will keep all their splendor for years to come!